Getting Started


Navigating this course

The menu will easily guide you through each section of the course. I recommend you take a peek through it to give you a sense of the overall flow and rhythm before you dive in. In particular, spend some time with the philosophy section to learn what Painting as a Spiritual Practice is all about.

Although the course is divided into 5 weeks, it is actually entirely self-paced. You will have access to it for life, so take whatever time you might need to make your way through. You might think of each week as more of a new theme and stage in the process, rather than a time constraint.

An abundance of resources and practices have also been included to enrich and expand your learning. Given that everyone has a different size appetite for this personal work, please know that you can always choose to focus solely on those pieces that resonate with you most.

Within each week you will find 6 areas of content related to its theme:

  1. Weekly Theme - This section will open the week’s theme, linking it both to our painting process and our daily life.

  2. Painting Process - In this section, you will find the week’s instructional painting videos, a brief written overview of the steps covered in each video, as well as photos demonstrating each step of the process.

  3. Meditation - Meditation continues to be such an important part of my own spiritual painting practice that I want to share this with you, even if you’ve never meditated before. In this section, you will find guided, themed meditations to fill your inner cup along the way.

  4. Writing Practice - Here you will find writing prompts to encourage and support self-reflection and a deeper understanding of our weekly themes.

  5. Living Arts Practice - Yoga and other arts-related practices to support the journey are tucked in this area. Sometimes the art practices will be directly related to the painting process i.e., learning how to sketch in week 1.

  6. Resources - There are so many great teachers and teachings I want to share with you. You’ll find some of my favourites here.

Setting up Your Sacred Painting Space

In week two, in the Living Arts Practice section, you will find an invitation to claim your own sacred creative space. Skip right to it to dive deep into setting up your space, or simply opt for working within any space that is accessible to you to being. Whichever you choose, you might also create a simple, small altar with meaningful items (i.e., pictures, stones, jewellery, natural objects, etc.) that will support your journey. Listen to what item(s) want to inspire you when you paint, and add them to your support team!

Contact me

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In addition, I offer personal One-on-One Creative/Intuitive Mentoring. These sessions are for you, if you:

  • want some extra support and encouragement to get started on your painting journey

  • feel stuck emotionally, mentally or spiritually in relation to any part of this course

  • would like extra painting guidance, personalized to where you are in your painting process

These 45 minute sessions are $75 CAD, and can be set up via skype or phone. To request a session, email me at