Painting as a Spiritual Practice


May 6 - June 17

@ Begin Studio . 1119 Victoria Avenue E.

6:30 - 9:30pm


Tuition includes canvas and all paint supplies.

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painting as a spiritual practice
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Creating, like meditation and prayer, is a basic spiritual practice, uniquely expressing the sacred through colour, metaphor and imagination...

Painting as a spiritual practice is an act of conscious alignment with our innately creative spirit and mindfulness practice. When we create fine art (or rough art), we are given an opportunity to bump up against our fears, our blocks, and our vision in real time. We are called to notice, surrender, open, and see ourselves through new eyes, again and again.

  • Explore the art of mindfulness, both at the canvas and in your daily life

  • Be guided through the creation of your own visionary painting

  • Develop/deepen your own personal mindfulness practice

  • Claim a regular creative space for yourself

  • Experience sacred community

  • Learn practices of stilling the mind & cultivating awareness

  • Grow in intuitive confidence

  • Learn a self-led approach to spiritual development & personal healing

  • Feel inspired to bring creative practice into your life

  • Learn about creative materials and techniques

painting as a spiritual practice
For me, making art used to be this small thing I did while hunched over at my desk. Opening up to play, dance, stand, work big, be spontaneous, follow my intuition . . . all of this breathed freedom into my art - and into my life! My relationship to making art has shifted from being a mental thing, to being a physically embodied thing. And I feel infinitely more connected and alive as a result.
— Devon Walz

This course is for you, if...

You have never painted but want to learn


You've been painting for years but want to bring new meaning to your creative work


Photo Credit: Alison Gigliotti

Photo Credit: Alison Gigliotti


Painting is a spiritual metaphor and love affair. It is my sacred practice, and an expression of my relationship with creation. It is a window into the sacred mysteries both within and without...  I invite you to step through the veil with me as we meet and express Spirit as it is seeks to move through our very own hearts and brush!


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What Angela's students are saying.....

"When I walked into the space on my first night of class, all my senses were awoken and held. Angela sets guidelines that ensure will discover an ability to create, playfully and with joy(and sometimes tears), you will encounter yourself in every brush stroke, you will begin trusting that inner whisper that says “red is the colour you need” and most of all she teaches you how to fall in love with your image that is unfolding on your canvas. In essence I learned to love aspects of myself I had never known before. Success!

I have returned to this class 4 times now, and uncover parts of my hearts longing every time. Thank you!" - Lindsey Holmstrom

* * * * *

"When I stare into my painting I completed in Angie’s workshop, not only do I see the techniques and inspiration that she generously shared, but also the inner wisdom I was reminded I had all along awaiting to emerge, thanks to her rich facilitation, important questioning and guidance." - Sue Hamel

* * * * *

“The funny thing is I think I always had that painter inside of me, it’s just... I never expected her to truly come out! Angela’s course helped me paint my first of MANY and I am so thankful. I realized how to listen to my own hands and heart and trust myself... And now I have lots of great art for my walls!" - Meg Sheepway

* * * * *

“Painting as a Spiritual Practice is an offering of possibility.

I’ve been lucky to paint with Angela, my dear friend, colleague and collaborator, on many occasions beginning with her first intuitive painting course several years ago.

What I’ve discovered is that I’m not a painter. And yet painting remains a beloved part of my creative practice. I put paint on canvas to play and explore, to release emotions and expectations, to invite insight and clarity, and to uncomfortably stretch those visionary muscles that support all of my creative work.

When I feel stuck, I return to the canvas and trust that I won’t feel the same afterwards. It’s always transformative.

The same can be said about journeying into possibility with Angela Gollat."

- Stacey Hare-Hodgins

* * * * *

"The urge to paint with Angie first came barrelling at me full force a few years ago.   I’m not one for hyperbole, but my life has not been the same since.  Painting as Spiritual Practice is as simple as I’ve learned to let it become.  The beauty is in the giggle moments, when Spirit tricks you into painting something profoundly insightful.  Angie is a brilliant guide in the process; she brings roses and chocolate and with wise loving spaciousness, invites you to paint exactly what you need to see.  I love painting with Angie and maybe one day I’ll paint something other than frogs."

- Jody Mitchell