Healing for Women is Healing for All

'Fearless' painted by Angela Gollat

'Fearless' painted by Angela Gollat

Like many Canadian women over the past week, I have spanned moments filled with tears, vulnerable and revelatory conversations, deep personal contemplation, and triumphant resolve.  

The story of the 9 courageous women who have come forward to expose the abusive behaviour of a national celebrity and cultural impresario, has sparked a conversation of such importance and influence that I find I can hardly sleep at night.  My heart is overflowing with personal longing for healing, and a desire to enable the greater cosmic healing taking place before our very eyes.  Women everywhere are singing this song with me tonight, and it sounds like revolution.

A conscious cultural conversation about Violence Against Women is on the menu, and I am delighted at the richness, the passion, the consideration, and the courage demonstrated by both women and men, strangers and loved ones, all engaging in delicate new territory in an effort to affect the quality of our shared cultural reality.  I know there are many layers of conversations occurring in the public domain, some distasteful and disrespectful.  Let us remember that ALL SHADOWS MUST COME INTO THE LIGHT TO FIND HEALING.  This does not mean that we need to engage here.  Instead, let us seize the opportunity at hand to exercise CONSCIOUSNESS and CREATIVITY in our efforts to influence.... to turn lead into gold by reaching out a hand in favour of greater understanding.

My own personal healing process, in addition to my passionate work in the VAW field, has compelled me to lend my voice to this issue, which as a woman personally impacted by VAW, is both scary and liberating.  Which leads me to inviting you to listen in to CILU Radio this Tuesday, November 4th from 3-4pm, where host Jen Metcalfe, and I will be discussing the emergent issue of violence against women, social silencing, and the evolution of our shared social responsibility… in the process sharing my own experience of silencing and healing.  Please do tune in if you are so inclined…. or imagine me in white light.... I will feel it!  

Finally, many of you reading have disclosed your own experiences with gendered abuse in the safety of our painting circles, as this is often one of the blocks we face as women trying to access our creativity.  I want you to know that our circle, and I am still with you.  And now millions of Canadians, once strangers, are cheering for your bravery and the safety of every woman henceforth.  

The time has come.

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