The Listening Heart: a look inside

Each time I sit in front of a big, white canvas, I am struck by the silence that proceeds the flurry of creativity that is about to transpire.

In the silence I hear my heart beat, and the thoughts floating through my awareness... my grand ideas, expectations and fears. I hear my emotions as they arise and transform and dissolve and arise again.... doubt, excitement and peace. I hear my body... its needs and desire to move, to be fed, to be of service.

This silence is anything but silent.

In a split second, as I acknowledge my thoughts, emotions and body, I am released of them all. Back to my heartbeat my awareness moves... beyond my heartbeat to a place within my heart. A place from which creativity is born. I am listening closely, and yet not 'trying' to listen at all. I am spiritually limber, non-attached, available, ready and waiting for the pulse from within which compels my first strokes.

I have a vision, a sense of the shape of the image beginning to develop, and yet I continue to create from that place that is limber, non-attached, and available. Tuned to the ever changing pulse within, the creative force expresses and transforms one thousands times on my once white canvas... so sure of its own labyrinth walk to completion.

I release my expectations and attachments again and again and again, until my heart has told its own authentic and entirely unexpected story through my brush. Only then do I finally see what my heart was teaching me all along.


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