Surrendering to be Cracked Open at the Canvas

Voluntarily diving into a spiritual healing or self revelatory process is perhaps one of the most courageous things we can do. It takes away the middle man, resistance, that often colours our daily life experiences. By volunteering we are saying to Spirit, "I am now ready to listen". And so Spirit obliges, revealing itself to you, as you, through your very own heart.

The process of self revelation can be varied and very much unique to your own journey. And sometimes, as if a gift from beyond, we share common experiences in this process, giving us community in which to be held, understood and cheered on by fellow travellers. Sadness, frustration, anger, disappointment, resentment, fear, and unworthiness are near universal inner experiences along the way. Allowing these feelings to become a part of your journey, rather than something that is caused by anything external to yourself, is the practice that will bring much peace and growth in times of personal suffering.

What if all of your experiences are designed to support your growth and healing? What if every experience serves as a cleansing to the human heart, flowing through you and touching the inner tender bits of you that are now ready for healing? We often experience this 'touching of our inner tender bits' as suffering, taking the form of our particular acquired wounding. i.e., unworthiness, anger, etc., and blaming the external experience for causing our inner pain. But what if we saw experience as an ongoing catalyst in discovering and healing those already present wounds? How would we respond differently if we saw it all as grist for the spiritual mill? The inner experience is then allowed to take on new meaning and become of great valuable instead of simply painful.

Now imagine yourself at your canvas, volunteering to hear in a new way through image and colour and courage. Remember back to your original intention at the onset of your creation and all that has transpired within and without ever since. Notice what pain has been arising to be released as you move closer toward your own realized self? What has been illuminated in your heart to take the place of the pain that is on its way out? What imagery and colour and daily experiences have been arising to support your journey?

Everyone processes at their own pace, and this continues to be true with the creative process. For some, the first stroke of paint is enough to crack you wide open. For others the unfolding continues through throughout the creative journey, surprising you when you are suddenly faced with a challenging session in front of the canvas. Invite the pain.... acknowledge and honour its gift.... release.... repeat. Journal.... share your insights with loved ones.... take good care of yourself. 

And remember, its only a little bit about the actual painting.

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