On Being an Intuitive Child

A large part of what has inspired my deep dive into exploring intuition is my own experience of being intuitive as a child. My experience sometimes felt lonely, as no one really talked to me about this inner knowing and guiding voice that seemed to be informing me in ways far beyond the physical. Looking back I see that my mom was deeply intuitive too, but perhaps was never taught to trust or understand it, like me.

And so I have been following both my intuition, and my curiosity to understand my intuition since I was little.

I invited my friend and talented singer-songwriter, Arley Hughes, to chat with me about her relationship with her intuition, and was delighted when she started talking about one of her early intuitive experiences. I hope you enjoy this sweet clip....

To find out more about Arley Hughes, and how you might work with her, check out her website at www.arleyhughes.com

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