5 Go-To, No Fail, No Skill Required, Self Care Practices


As I have gotten older, and have learned to tune more deeply into my own sense of well-being, self care has become as important for me, as taking medication for a heart condition. It’s non-optional.

Without adequate self care, irritability, exhaustion, fear and insecurity begin to take up residence until there is barely enough space for my true self at all, inhibiting my capacity to show up well in relationships, creative endeavours, and the daily demands of life. Maybe you’ve experienced this too.

I’ve also noticed that the need for intentional self care increases in times when the demands on my time and energy are high, during significant life transitions, and during periods of intensive spiritual growth. Sometimes it is not until I’m already quite ‘in it’ that I realize I need to step up my self care game, and notice that I’m a little (or a lot) off my center.

After witnessing this pattern in myself many, many times, and sometimes overcomplicating the possible solution by going into a ‘whats wrong with me’ mindset, I began to shift towards a new way of understanding myself. One in which the basic premise was that there wasn’t anything wrong with me at all, rather accepting my self and needs fully, as I/they are now, unconditionally.

Several years ago, I began to make a closer study of my inner workings, in the hopes of connecting the invisible dots that might point toward how to best encourage a sense of well-being. What I discovered was not rocket science, nor was I the first or only person to have made such discoveries. In fact these practices are nothing fancy, quite accessible, and most importantly, doable in times when we have very little energy to spare.

And, so I wanted to share with you my 5 go-to wellness practices that support both maintaining inner equilibrium, and have the ability to mount a rescue when we’ve slipped into a mental ditch.

Perhaps some of them will act as medicine for you too 💜


1. Walking in the Forest ~ activating the physiology and subtle energy of the body + naturally detoxifying surroundings = gentle, easeful healing

2. Sitting Meditation ~ whether 5 or 50 minutes, having a daily meditation practice helps to anchor us in our own hearts in profound ways. (There are many practices that might best suit you, including trauma sensitive meditation approaches. Click on my resources section for more information and support for your own practice or click here for a link to my guide to meditation on Soundcloud... https://soundcloud.com/angela-gollat/guide-to-meditation )

3. Eating Living Foods ~ clean eating has quantifiable effects on our sense of well-being. In terms of how our digestive system works, ‘you are what you eat’ takes on a whole new level of truth. What we put in our mouths is quite literally the fuel that builds every cell in our body. Low quality food = low quality health. Food choices can feel complicated, so I prefer to think simple rather then perfect…. Fruit, vegetables, home cooked meals made with love and intention.

4. Drinking More Water ~ especially in difficult times, when circumstances feeling sticky and like they might never pass… water, water, water. Increasing the lubrication of the body eases up demands on on all of our systems and prevents their ‘burn out’. More subtly, water reminds us with every drop to release our grip on life, instead allow, allow, allow life to continue flowing beyond even this difficult moment.

5. Getting Enough Rest ~ prioritizing rest supports the health of our stress activated systems, enabling the body, mind and heart to find its way back to health. Remember, most of our healing happens while we sleep.

What practices have you noticed support your sense of well-being?

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