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Call of The Wild Soul Women's Gathering


June 3-5th 2016

on the shores of Lake Superior, near the Sleeping Giant


Yoga . Art . Massage . Pottery. Nature . Rest  Music . Collaborative Shared Meals . Fire Sauna . Swimming . Forest Walks


Welcome Wild Women!

I have been calling together and hosting women's weekends with my circle of wise women friends for over ten years now... 

At first they arose out of our collective need for reconnection and rest from our energetically demanding young families... later manifesting from our heart's realization that this space together was sacred... magic. Gatherings shape-shifted with the women present. Sometimes a bustling cabin full of women gathered, resulted in lively evenings of music making and raucous laughter, while others were smaller and filled the heart in ways only quiet intimacy can. All gathering were a celebration of food.... the literal food we joyfully and thoughtfully prepared for one another, and the metaphorical food... our stories... our beliefs... that we feed our hearts and minds. We sought both inner and outer freedom.

Transformation was guaranteed... like the breath of life itself being breathed into every cell over the course of our time together, resulting in healing, realignment, and reignited self determination. 

Over the years these gatherings have filled me with inspiration and gratitude in ways I cannot fully articulate. But mostly I feel grateful for the circles themselves... to know supportive, creative and conscious women's community... to be a part of such a community of women...

From this overflowing gratitude I invite you to join our 2nd Annual Call of the Wild Soul Women's Gathering... its going to be our largest, most incredible gathering yet. You might call is a women's festival really.... celebrating us. We would love for you to join us!


Our gathering will be include several incredible workshops, facilitated by wild and talented local women


Opening Ceremony with Sue Hamel

Hatha Yoga with Lindsey Holmstrom

Massage with Alison Gigliotti

Dream Catcher Building with Cynthia Nault

In Loving Relationship: You and the Land with Willow Curthoys

Sunrise Meditation & Intuitive Art with Angela Gollat

Open Mic and Women's Song Circle with Arley Hughes

5 Elements Movement Mediation with Susan Baldassi

Kundalini Yoga with Paula Ribotto

Hand Building Pottery with Meg Sheepway

Closing Ceremony with Stacey Hare-Hodgins

Our Space...

I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my family cabin and land for this gathering. We are located on Portage Drive, a few kilometres past Pass Lake, Ontario, right on the shore of Lake Superior.

If you are joining us from afar, you will fly in Thunder Bay, Ontario International Airport. Car rental can be arranged through the airport.

Detailed driving directions will follow your registration.

Our space offers gorgeous lake views, swimming, wood sauna, forest trails, full kitchen, cozy shared accommodations, and lakeside fires.

Food is one of the favourite parts of our gatherings, because we all contribute to and in turn receive the thoughtful meals prepared by one another throughout the weekend.

Meals will be vegetarian, healthy and delicious!

(more details to come following registration)



You belong at our gathering, if you...

Are a wild woman

Thrive in sisterhood

Cherish meaningful relationships

Are a Mother or Daughter (over 12)

Are a woman in search of authentic community

Love yoga, art, singing, swimming, nature, rest, and incredible food

Are a Leader, Teacher, Healer, or Creative

Are just starting out on your spiritual path

Have been walking the path for lifetimes

Are in need of meaningful self-care

Are a Woman


"A weekend retreat away from everything. That chunk of time that was filled with honouring myself, painting, meditation, journalling, sharing, sauning, eating amazing food and everything else. What we did as a group, and what I was able to do on my own was exactly what I needed even though I may not have know it when I signed up." ~ Curniss




Calling together circles of women is truly the culmination of so much of my life, both personally and professionally.  Those that know me well can attest to my commitment to a path of freedom, courage and truth, both for myself, and for you.  

I am a product of high heat... of alchemy... the turning of lead to gold.  I know what I know through direct experience.  And although I've acquired much wisdom already, I am the first to admit that I do not know it all... I am still very much in the making. 

I believe that we reflect to one another the very insights that enable our becoming. I believe in your wisdom and the keys which it may hold for us all. I believe that in community we unfold over and over again. 

Walking beside you,