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Setting Sacred Creative Space

Over the years, I have had many, many different creative spaces…. some large, some tiny, some shared, some temporary. No matter the space you are working in throughout this course, I encourage you to make it your own, and make it feel sacred.

There are no rules, and truly, there are barely even guidelines for this process. Setting sacred creative space is a highly personal and intuitive ritual that delineates the area you will be working in as sacred; different from the ways you occupy this space day to day. It also enables a more supporting environment for you to create in.

To set your own creative space, you might consider:

  • Location ~ Will this space give you privacy (if desired)? Does it feel safe for you to take risks? How does it make you feel to be in this space? Can you leave it set up with your creative project for the next 7 days? (this might be ideal)

  • Light ~ Do you have enough? Do you need to add a lamp?

  • Sacred Objects ~ Are there sacred items you would like to have near you while you create? (i.e., candles, photos, stones, crystals, flowers, natural objects, other mementos)

  • Sounds ~ Soothing music? Nature sounds? Silence?

Ultimately, the goal is to create a space that is energetically supportive of the vulnerable, self-reflective creative work you are embarking upon. You may even find that over the course of the 7 days, you become more tuned in to your surroundings, and begin to shift or add things intuitively.

In my experience, setting sacred creative space can be a deeply satisfying process that directly impacts the creative process. Give it a try, and see what you notice.

5 Go-To, No Fail, No Skill Required Self Care Practices


As I have gotten older, and have learned to tune more deeply into my own sense of well-being, self care has become as important for me as taking medication for a heart condition. It’s non-optional.

Without adequate self care, irritability, exhaustion, fear and insecurity begin to take up residence until there is barely enough space for my true self at all, inhibiting my capacity to show up well in relationships, creative endeavours, and the daily demands of life. Maybe you’ve experienced this too.

I’ve also noticed that the need for intentional self care increases in times when the demands on my time and energy are high, during significant life transitions, and during periods of intensive spiritual growth. Sometimes it is not until I’m already quite ‘in it’ that I realize I need to step up my self care game, and notice that I’m a little (or a lot) off my center.

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Listening & The Courage to Say Yes (mini podcast)

This podcast was recorded as a part of another painting course I offered a few years back, but the insights are as relevant today as ever, and so I thought I would share it with you here. Enjoy!


A word on Sharing Creative Work

Sharing our art, regardless of medium, ability or audience, can feel incredibly vulnerable. We are, after all, making our inner world visible for all to see. And on top of that, when it comes to art, everyone has an opinion.

After learning the hard way many times, I have become more intentional and selective about sharing my creative work from this painting practice. Especially if you are new to art making, consider what part of your process you would like to share, and who you can be 100% guaranteed will be supportive and encouraging. No matter where we are on our creative path, outside influences can sometimes have unintended dampening effects.

I encourage you to save your heart any extra work before you are feeling strong and confident in your practice. And when you are, you may be the inspiration that someone else needs, to let their creative heart flow.