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Trusting Your Heart

Today your painting looks one way, and tomorrow it changes...

I can't tell you how many of my paintings have what seem to be several complete paintings underneath their final layers. During the years where my dining room also played the role of art studio, my family would joke, question and sometimes lament the dramatic turns my paintings would take in their process of coming to life.


And to be completely honest, so did I on more than one occasion. The practice of non-attachment is real in an intuitive, spirit-led approach to creative expression.

Sometimes the practice is to trust when you are feeling an inner nudge to let something go that you have fallen in love with, and sometimes our intuition leads us beyond our initially uncomfortable layers towards something that I can only attempt to understand as a more healed expression of the layers beneath.

Either way, our work is to neither attach ourselves to the parts we love, nor the parts that create discomfort, but to let our intuition to lead the way towards our next temporary destination.

What is your image asking for next?

What would it feel like to not second guess or edit yourself?

What would it feel like to say yes?

Yoga Suggestions 


Mountain Pose

  • Increases awareness of mind/body connection

  • Fosters gratitude and motivation

  • Encourages vulnerability

  • Builds strength and confidence in ourselves

  • Increases Prana, life force energy

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  • Increases stamina

  • Teaches how to find ease within effort

  • Develops peace in the uncomfortable moments of life

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  • Builds willpower and determination

  • Draws vibrant energy from head through to feet

  • Develops confidence

  • Sharpens mental focus

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