Painting Visualization

The meditation below will guide you through a visualization practice to help you begin to receive the initial imagery for your painting. Remember to be gentle with yourself during this process. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ image.

There are a few common experiences people have shared during this step in the process:

  • Feeling like they are projecting their image instead of receiving it spontaneously. I encourage you to not censor what is coming through. No matter how we begin the process, if we continue to stay open and practice listening inward as our image unfolds, it will become the image that was meant to arrive. And sometimes our images are very familiar to us. They do, after all, already live within our hearts.

  • Not receiving the whole image right away. This is perfectly normal, as our images often continue to reveal themselves over the course of the whole painting process. Just begin with what you have and continue to listen and allow the image to arrive and/or evolve.

  • Discovering many images that want to come through, like a queue you didn't even know was forming. Keep in mind that you can repeat this painting process as many times as you would like, so for now, simply pick one of the images that feels most meaningful and alive in this moment and start sketching.

  • Taking this step so seriously that it causes stress or anxiety. Remember, this process is meant to be JOY-full. Continue to prioritize joy over perfection, and you will find the whole creative process will flow with greater ease.

* You will notice during this meditation that I use the pronoun ‘she’. Please use the pronouns or language that best describes the being that shows up for you.

Another Simple Visualization

Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit or lay for a few moments, and close your eyes. Begin by tuning in to the rise and fall of your breath. Bring your awareness to your physical dimension... your emotional dimension.... your mental dimension.... and your spiritual dimension, tuning in to each slowly, as they are in this moment. Bringing your awareness to your heart center, invite into your heart space, the intention that you set for your creative and spiritual journey over the next few weeks. Imagine your heart expanding and opening in response to this intention. Sit for several minutes as you invite in your imagery. When the process feels complete, give thanks, and begin to write and sketch as many details as possible in your journal. You might also note how the image made you feel, any sensations that accompanied it, colours, messages, etc. Repeat this process as needed and at your own pace. There is no need to rush.