Full Body Relaxation

as taught by Swami Sivananda

Relaxation induces health. There are three kinds of relaxation: physical, emotional, and spiritual.  The art of relaxation includes these 3 levels of relaxation leading to the 3 levels of health.

Technically, physical relaxation is termed savasana in yoga, the ‘corpse pose’.  Normally, even when trying to rest, we expend physical and mental energy through tension.  In general, physical relaxation is maintaining good posture in all activities to avoid muscle tension. Conscious physical relaxation releases blockages and facilitates the blood flow bringing oxygen to all parts of the body and to all organs in particular the brain.

In particular, savasana is the science of relaxation and is a progressive, conscious relaxation of body and mind that allows us to finally detach from involvement with the body and return to our peaceful self.  Consciously tensing and releasing our muscles in savasana from the toes, reaching up to the eyes, ears and head, helps to bring our body and mind to their natural efficiency. During complete relaxation, there is little or no energy , or prana, being consumed.

The science of relaxation leads to spiritual relaxation, a state of freedom and joyfulness when there is no expectation or desire of anything. Instead of anxiety, we experience detachment, contentment  and fulfillment .