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adventurous adults & creative children over 12 welcome!

$250 (supplies included)

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Hi there sweet friends.

I am excited to invite you to join me on a new, joyful and gentle painting journey.

The inspiration for this course comes after a particularly emotionally demanding summer for my family, navigating the aftermath of a nearly catastrophic car accident involving my niece, nephew and dad. My heart was giving full out, leaving me feeling a general sense of exhaustion. 

I didn't paint for months.

Since my painting practice is also one of my most important spiritual and personal well-being practices, without it I started to feel a sense of anxiety building at a time when I needed self-care the most. And, the longer I stayed out of the studio, the more tension built about creating anything at all. I needed a very gentle creative practice that demanded little of me artistically, but filled my cup, inspired me to keep showing up each day, and let me disappear once again into my painting.  

And so I was my very first student in meditative art making. And I'll tell ya.... I am a BIG fan! If this sounds like the kind of gentle, and joyful art practice you need, I suspect you will be a big fan too.

I'm really looking forward to sharing this with you!

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   During our time together you will;

Awaken creative thinking

Explore painting as a mindfulness tool

Create 6 of your own meditative paintings

Play without judgement, analysis or critique

Discover the synergy of painting in community

Experience art making led by JOY and CURIOSITY

Connect with your naturally creative Spirit

Learn about colours that inspire you

Develop inner stillness and focus