Part 11 ~ Choosing Your Colours


* Bring back skin/texture on the main image by using a small amount of chosen paint colour. Dry-brush for smooth texture, or use a brush that creates the texture that you are seeking to create i.e., fur, feathers, etc.

* Remember to leave a ‘glow’, leaving a bit of the layer underneath showing by not painting right up to the lines


Part 12 ~ Details


* Begin to bring chosen colours into the different areas/shapes in your painting using the most appropriate techniques for your image. Consider using thicker amounts of paint and multiple techniques to add interest and pop to your painting. i.e., words, patterns, etc.

* Add smallest detail using whatever tool will give you the desired shape or effect. i.e., writing, dots, patterns, etc.

Part 13 ~ Final Adornments


* Add thin highlighted lines throughout your painting

* Name & Sign!