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Painting as a Spiritual Practice Philosophy

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Essentially any wisdom, experienced or shared, that expands creative and spiritual possibility for you may become a part of your own guiding beliefs into spiritual creativity. Along my own path, I have discovered a few key insights that have been particularly expanding, that I am happy to share with you... 

  • Painting as a Spiritual Practice can be a metaphor for our relationship with creation

  • As we follow our creativity, we are led to our creator

  • Everything we create comes from Spirit. There is therefore no such thing as a bad or wrong creation

  • Being an artist is simply a recognition that we consciously revel in the act of creation

  • We are all artists, creating our lives, relationships and collectively, the world

  • Love lends our creative and spiritual process power in its unfolding

  • Non-identification with your work frees us from ego based like or dis-like entrapments

  • Painting is a meditative process, reveal deeper and deeper layers of insight through image & colour

  • The images we create are ultimately the vision of Spirit gifted to us through our very own hands

  • Our paintings are a visual healing, vibrating with the energies of our own healing experience. They continue to be a blessing to all who view them

  • Spiritual painting is a continued practice of surrender. Frustration may be an indication there is attachment to outcome. Take a time out to soften, come back and begin again.

  • Suffering experienced as we create is the ego in distress as it is being healed... stay with it

  • There can be no mistakes, only layers of understanding which bring us closer to truth

  • Painting as a spiritual practice is about the process, not the product.... although we may very well love our creations in the end.

  • Dis-satisfaction can be reinterpreted to be an indicator that our work is not yet complete. This sensation is meant to urge you forward and offer opportunities to take creative risks, not create self doubt or judgement.... this is the interpretation of ego.

  • Spirit is not challenged by our artistic limitations or otherwise

  • We are all channels for Spirit to manifest heaven on earth

  • We create what is already within us.... our creativity reminds us this is truly infinite

3 mantras for success

1. It is only a little bit about the painting

2. Painting brings us into mindful awareness of our selves

3. Breathe

Class Guidelines

For consideration as we begin our journey together...

  •  Everyone receives exactly what they need from the experience. Let go of comparisons, instead focusing on your own path. There is no one 'right' way, only your own unique journey.

  • Reach out when you need help. I will trust and honour that you are just fine in your process unless you invite me in. Keep me mind, however, struggling on your own is not necessary. I am for you.

  • Be respectful of the sacred meditative space of those around you. You may be bursting with insight, but remember your neighbour is also fully engaged with their own process. Share appropriately.

  • Ask questions. We are all learning, and likely several other people will thank you for asking.

  • Treat your tools and supplies like the sacred items they are.

  • Journalling can be a powerful tool throughout your journey. I invite you to write when you are inspired, stuck, curious, anxious, blissful.... and then write some more.

  • It is impossible to ‘ruin’ your painting.... it’s just paint and can be infinitely changed until you are satisfied.

  • If at any point you want to 'start over', consider calling me over for a consult. I will likely remind you that the past can't be erased but that we can move forward from anywhere we find ourselves.

  • Take pictures at each stage to document the unfolding of your creation. You will appreciate it in the end.