The provocative nature of imagery

Surrendering ourselves to inspiration and intuition in the creative process can be a particularly vulnerable experience, especially if it is our first time encountering a practice intended to release our control over the outcome.

Sometimes the images we receive are cryptic or unfamiliar. Sometimes they provoke memories, emotions and beliefs within us that are uncomfortable and activated by being confronted with the symbolic representation of our inner world. And then again, sometimes our images release us immediately, or over time, from those old internal structures which have held us captive.

Whatever the case may be for you, rest assured that your image is exactly the medicine you are seeking. Even if you feel like you projected it, copied it, controlled it, you couldn't have if you tried. You surrendered control the moment you said yes to this process.

Your image sits on your canvas as a silent and powerful reflection of you in this moment, inviting you into your own heart.

With pen in hand, I invite you to reflect on how your initial image has already begun to provoke you. How does it make you feel? What is it beginning to tell you about yourself? What is it beginning to help you release or nourish?