Writing from the canvas

Writing yourself a letter from your painting can be a powerful way to receive its message. Begin writing with the stream of consciousness method (without pre-formulating or editing your thoughts), allowing your hand to become the conduit for your heart and spirit. Like being in a sharing circle, there is no need to think about what you are going to say before it is time to say it. Just allow your hand to write quickly to keep up with the sometimes random and surprising things coming through it. At first, it might feel like your mind is the one writing it, but keep going and notice when the feeling of your writing shifts and becomes the voice of your heart.  

Take a moment to read yourself the letter (aloud, if possible).

How do you feel?

Any surprises?

When you look back on this journey with a compassionate heart, what have you learned about yourself along the way? How might your new insights help you continue to practice compassion toward yourself and others?