Hi. I'm Angela.

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Professional History

* HBA Women's Studies & History

* Coordinator of the Committee to End Woman Abuse in Thunder Bay and District, Researcher and Author of 'Gaps & Traps: An Effectiveness Assessment of the VAW Service System in Thunder Bay and District.' 2007

* Founding Coordinator of the Thunder Bay Women's Court Watch Program, and co-author of 'Women Surviving the Criminal Justice System’s Response to Domestic Violence', 2008

* Studied with The Kaiser Institute 2008-present

* Organizational Mindfulness Mentor & Consultant  2009-present

* Intuitive Artist & Creator of Painting as a Spiritual Practice 2011-present

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, intuitive and artist, Angela Gollat is guided by the same principles she teaches her painting students… that when we create, we are given an opportunity to bump into our fears, our blocks, and our inner vision in real time. In essence it is the process of creating, like meditation, which invites us to surrender our inner struggles, to listen for new possibilities, and see ourselves through new eyes.

Angela’s paintings begin with a question or intention related to her own spiritual development, followed by a deep surrendering of the need to know how or what the image will become, trusting her intuition over technique to guide the creative process. Each image therefore becomes its own vision quest, revealing that which stands between Angela and her intention, imprinting within the painting her inner healing process and ultimately resulting in a sort of visual medicine for both Angela and the painting’s viewers.

Angela is especially grateful to her teachers and students who continue to remind her who she truly is; to her wild soul sisters who fuel her heart by being their own unabashed wild selves; to her grandmother, Corinne, whose recognition of her wakeful spirit from her earliest days helped keep her inner fire lit while it was left untended; to her fiercely loving mother, Lynn, who was a powerful demonstration of passion, integrity and grace; to her adventurous father, Rick, who taught her the importance of following her own heart; to her brilliantly wise and wakeful children who remind her sometimes austere soul the healing powers of cry laughing; andmost importantly to her husband Richard, who has loved her with impeccability, and has insisted on only the most optimal conditions for her creative soul.

What other's have said about working with me...

When I walked into the space on my first night of class, all my senses were awoken and held. Angela sets guidelines that ensure success...you will discover an ability to create, playfully and with joy(and sometimes tears), you will encounter yourself in every brush stroke, you will begin trusting that inner whisper that says “red is the colour you need” and most of all she teaches you how to fall in love with your image that is unfolding on your canvas. In essence I learned to love aspects of myself I had never known before. Success!

I have returned to this class 4 times now, and uncover parts of my hearts longing every time. Thank you!" - Lindsey Holmstrom


"When I stare into my painting I completed in Angie’s workshop, not only do I see the techniques and inspiration that she generously shared, but also the inner wisdom I was reminded I had all along awaiting to emerge, thanks to her rich facilitation, important questioning and guidance." - Sue Hamel


“The funny thing is I think I always had that painter inside of me, it’s just... I never expected her to truly come out! Angela’s course helped me paint my first of MANY and I am so thankful. I realized how to listen to my own hands and heart and trust myself... And now I have lots of great art for my walls!" - Meg Sheepway


“Painting as a Spiritual Practice is an offering of possibility.

I’ve been lucky to paint with Angela, my dear friend, colleague and collaborator, on many occasions beginning with her first intuitive painting course several years ago.

What I’ve discovered is that I’m not a painter. And yet painting remains a beloved part of my creative practice. I put paint on canvas to play and explore, to release emotions and expectations, to invite insight and clarity, and to uncomfortably stretch those visionary muscles that support all of my creative work.

When I feel stuck, I return to the canvas and trust that I won’t feel the same afterwards. It’s always transformative.

The same can be said about journeying into possibility with Angela Gollat."

- Stacey Hare-Hodgins