Painting as a Spiritual Practice E-COURSE


expressing Your soul Through art

Painting as a Spiritual Practice is about so much more than painting. It is a transformative journey that has been experienced by thousands of people, seasoned and new painters alike.

Like meditation and prayer, creating is a spiritual practice. This course is a practice that uses paint and play to intentionally connect us with the creative spirit within us all. It is a sacred doorway and an expression of our personal relationship with creation.

In Painting as a Spiritual Practice, the sacred is uniquely expressed through colour, metaphor and imagination. As we create sacred art in a safe space, we also receive opportunities to notice our fears, our blocks, and our vision in real time. We are called to surrender, open, and see ourselves through new eyes, again and again.

I invite you to practice with me. We can dive deep within and express spirit through our own hearts and brushes. Together, we can bring forth creations from the most remote corners of the human heart.

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During this Online course you will

Awaken your creative spirit

Explore painting as a mindfulness tool

Play without judgement, analysis or critique

Create your own intuitive and visionary painting

Deepen your connection with your intuition and inner wisdom

Experience art-making led by JOY and CURIOSITY

Connect with your naturally creative Spirit

Learn practices to cultivate compassion

Develop a sense of inner stillness

About the course

Through painting, meditation, yoga, writing and other reflective practices, we will explore the wisdom of Compassion, and invite its heart-healing energy into our art and our daily lives. The course content consists of instructional audio, video, photos, practical knowledge, and an abundance of additional resources to inspire and support you.

Painting as a Spiritual Practice: Cultivating Compassion is offered in a safe, gentle and encouraging online environment. Although presented as a 5-week journey, this e-course is completely self-paced with no fixed start or end date. Each week simply focuses on a new theme to guide us deeper into our own hearts.

Your Investment

Painting as a Spiritual Practice: Cultivating Compassion E-Course is $225 CAD. With this investment, you gain immediate and lifetime access to all course content, so you can revisit as often as you wish. Registration is ongoing: you can register and begin anytime.

Please note that materials are not included in the cost of this course.


This Course is for you, if you:

  • Have never painted before

  • Have been walking the path for lifetimes

  • Are just starting out on your spiritual path

  • Have always secretly wanted to learn how to paint

  • Want to be in the world with a more compassionate heart

  • Are an artist seeking to deepen your practice

  • Are a Leader, Teacher, Healer, or Creative

  • Love yoga, art, writing, or meditation

  • Are seeking meaningful self-care


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Angela sets guidelines that ensure will discover an ability to create, playfully and with joy (and sometimes tears), you will encounter yourself in every brush stroke, you will begin trusting that inner whisper that says “red is the colour you need” and most of all she teaches you how to fall in love with your image that is unfolding on your canvas. In essence I learned to love aspects of myself I had never known before. Success!

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Painting remains a beloved part of my creative practice. I put paint on canvas to play and explore, to release emotions and expectations, to invite insight and clarity, and to uncomfortably stretch those visionary muscles that support all of my creative work.

When I feel stuck, I return to the canvas and trust that I won’t feel the same afterwards. It’s always transformative.

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The funny thing is I think I always had that painter inside of me, it’s just... I never expected her to truly come out! Angela’s course helped me paint my first of MANY and I am so thankful. I realized how to listen to my own hands and heart and trust myself.

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Painting as Spiritual Practice is as simple as I’ve learned to let it become. The beauty is in the giggle moments, when Spirit tricks you into painting something profoundly insightful. Angela is a brilliant guide in the process; offering a wise loving spaciousness, inviting you to paint exactly what you need to see.

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Finding connection to something more within myself, this journey helped release painful bits of my story in colour and transformed them: covering, uncovering and rediscovering. For myself, it was an opportunity to explore deeper healing which 'talk therapy' was unable to tap into. The arts, as a mode of healing, need to be in everyone’s tool-kit.



Have a question not answered in the FAQs? Need help registering? Contact us:

How do I register? Click here to register. Once you have purchased the e-course, you will receive an email that contains PDF file with a link to the online classroom and your course login information. Note: there is no fixed start date for this course. You can register anytime and access the course whenever it suits you.

How long will I have access to this e-course? You will have lifetime access to this course. You can take your time moving through and/or revisiting each section as many times as you would like.

What supplies do I need? A comprehensive materials list is provided within the course. Basic materials needed include: a canvas (16x20” min), acrylic paints, and hog hair and synthetic round brushes. You may also need a floor covering, easel, palette, sketchbook and pencil, spray bottle, rag.

Is this e-course for me if I’ve never painted before? Absolutely! This course is for painters of all skill levels. It is designed to guide a novice painter through the process of assembling a painting. Keep in mind that the more often you paint, the easier the techniques will become.

Is this e-course for me if I’m already an established artist? Yes! This course will guide a seasoned artist into a deeply meaningful painting practice.

Is this e-course focused on painting technique? Painting as a Spiritual Practice is a holistic approach to painting. Although instruction in technique is certainly part of the course, it is not the main focus. Cultivating an intentional connection to our own hearts is what truly guides the creation of our paintings. If you are primarily interested in learning technical painting skills, or prefer to paint realism, you may want to choose a different course.

I’ve never taken an e-course before. How does it work? In an e-course, the content is offered online rather than in person. Once you register, you will receive an email with a PDF that includes a link to the online classroom and your login information. In this online space, you will see that the course content is organized into five weeks or themes. Each week consists of instructional painting videos, meditations, writing practices and more. Though the weeks are intended to be explored in the order they appear, you will have immediate and lifetime access to all course content to enjoy at your own pace. Note: You will need reliable internet service in order to watch the instructional videos.

What is your refund policy? If you purchase this course and discover it is not for you, we are happy to offer you a full refund within 48 hours of purchase. After 48 hours, we are unable to offer any repayment of funds. Thank you for understanding.

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