Compassion Imagery Meditation


Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit or lay for a few moments, and close your eyes. Begin by tuning in to the rise and fall of your breath. Bring your awareness to your physical dimension... your emotional dimension.... your mental dimension.... and your spiritual dimension, tuning in to each slowly, as they are in this moment. Bringing your awareness to your heart center, invite into your heart space, the intention that you set for your creative and spiritual journey over the next 7 weeks. Imagine your heart expanding and opening in response to this intention. Sit for several minutes as you invite in your imagery. When the process feels complete, give thanks, and begin to write and sketch as many details as possible in your journal. You might include how the image made you feel, sensations that may have accompanied it, colours, messages, etc. Repeat this process as needed. 

* It is important you don't put pressure on your self to either get your image right or even get it right away. Staying soft and receptive in your efforts will be helpful in your practice of receiving insight. Also, when you start to listen, there may be many images that want to come through.... like a queue you didn't even know was forming. Keep in mind you can repeat this painting process as many times as you would like, so simply pick one of the images that feels most meaningful and start sketching.