Contemplating your interior creative space

Our ability to manifest or embody our intentions is largely determined by the spaciousness of our interior worlds. What we experience today as lack, is the direct outcome of inner restriction. It can be tricky to become simultaneously aware of the inner and outer correlations in our life, and yet this is our work.... to notice... to connect dots... become aware of alternatives.... to let go of our agenda and open to possibility.

We know when we are experiencing inner lack or restriction when we want something other than what we already have. The truth is we already have and are EVERYTHING, however, as we grow more into ourselves, we experience what feels like lack. The origins of this sense of lack can often be traced back to childhood where we received negative messaging from family, school, church, and so forth, that took up residency within us. These inherited beliefs have informed and limited our sense of self and our relationship to the world. What we believe is perhaps the most powerful thing!

Bring to your awareness your initial intention for this course and prepare to write in a stream of consciousness, or free-flow writing: ignore spelling, grammar, punctuation; write whatever flows through you without stopping to edit or evaluate it.

With pen in hand, let your words flow freely onto the page as you explore these questions:

What restriction(s) or attachments did I feel in my interior world when I first began this course? How do I sense my inner world has since shifted towards possibility? What new and more expansive beliefs have I noticed about myself, others and the world around me? How has cultivating compassion opened up a more expansive creative space within me?

Remember: this writing is for your eyes only; there is no need to censor yourself.