Finding Your Authentic Voice

As a mantra singer, and art facilitator I have been performing and speaking in front of people for many years. And yet, working with soulful singer and vocal coach, Arley Hughes, for the past several months, I have been amazed at the process of releasing a whole new dimension of my voice, both metaphorically and as it relates to song.

I recently sat down with Arley, to have a conversation around what it means to find our authentic voice. I invite you to listen in...

Below is a wee clip of Arley and I making music in her gorgeous studio.... Om nano bhagavate vasudevaya is a sanskrit mantra known as the Mukti (liberation) mantra. Often chanted at the beginning of a practice or endeavour to dedicate all efforts toward attaining spiritual freedom.... we sang it to set our intention for our conversation here...

Interested in working with Arley? She does private vocal coaching sessions, as well as hosting a women's song circle if you feel more comfortable singing among many many brave voices.

The next women's song circle in this Friday, September 25th. Come and sing your heart out with us!

For more information about Arley, and how you can work with her, go to


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